Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovic, close to Novi Sad, is well known for its many wine producers. In the mid 19th century, most
residents lived off wine production. The town has around 8,000 inhabitants and over 20 wine producers.
The easiest way to arrange a wine tasting is to contact
The Sremski Karlovci Tourist Information Office. +381 (0) 21/883-855
Tell them how many wineries you would like to visit (count on at least one hour per winery, so two might be enough)
how many people and when. They offer knowledgeable guides, and if the weather is nice, include a walking tour
of this important historical town. There is a price list on their website:

Vinarija Kovacevic in Irig on the way to Sremski Karlovci.  One can stop to buy wine,
but they do not normally receive visitors, and this visit was specially arranged.

Vinarija Kovacevic is well known for their red wine Aurelius. They produce a rosé, several whites and have just released
a French-method sparkling wine based on 85% chardonnay/15% rhine riesling. The plastic bottles on the floor
hold Rinjski Riesling, the same quality as bottled in glass but easier to transport to large events such as weddings.

The winery was modernized in 2001 with investments in new equipment and storage tanks.

They arranged a special tasting for visiting Swedes in 2010. They have since
opened a restaurant further along the main road in Irig that offers wine tasting.

An alternative when tasting wine from Kovacevic is to go to their restaurant about 2 km north of Irig, left side, on the
road to Novi Sad. They have a wine tasting menu for groups for RSD 2,000 (Nov 2011) with five wines accompanied
accompanied by a five course meal. We had lunch at the restaurant and the food was very good and reasonably priced.

Vinarija Kosovic is one the wine producers that works with the tourist office Sremski Karlovci to offer wine tastings.

They have built a tasting room for larger groups but are happy to receive a few visitors.

Mr Kosovic is a purist. He does not blend grapes and uses no additives whatsoever. He produces white
and red wines and Bermet, unique to Sremski Karlovci. Mr Kosovic in the cellar with visitors from Sweden.

Vinarija Kosovic produce Rakija as well.

Not far from Vinarija Kosovic and on the same street lies the tasting rooms of Vinarija Dulka.

Dulka produces red and white wine, red and white Bermet and a rakija based on Bermet. They converted an old village house into
a little museum and built a spacious tasting room. There are displays of old wine production equipment and traditional handcraft.

Vinarija Kis, next door to Kosovic and on the same street as Dulka, is one of the best known wine producers in Sremski Karlovic.
Here is Mr Kis tasting wine with visitors from Sweden in 2008. He prefers to be in the vineyards, one does not often meet him.

Kis Bermet has won many prizes at wine fairs.

Wine is stored in traditional cellars. In the centre is Milena, a guide at the Sremski Karlovci Information Office.

New grape plants. Kis invested in 15,000 new plants in 2008.
They producewhite and red wine, but their most well known product is Bermet.

Wine tasting at Vinarija Kis.

This picture was taken in April 2010 when a group of Swedes came for a visit.

Vinarija Zivanovic in Sremski Karlovci can receive groups and have built a large tasting room. They
used to have a lot of bee hives in front of the honey museum, but these have been moved a few km away.

The honey museum is based around the history of the family founder. Beekeeping and wine making go back several generations.
The museum is well known and they have many visitors: school classes, beekeepers from neighboring countries.

They have received many awards for their wines.

Their old wine cellar. They are proud of thick layers of mould on the walls and ceiling.

Mr Zivanovic senior serving wine in the garden in 2008. He is the current beekeeper in the family,
and leaves the wine production mainly to his son. They produce white and red wines and Bermet.

Mr Zivanovic in the new tasting room, November 2010.

There are many small producers active in Sremski Karlovci. You may meet them at the annual wine
fair in Sremski Karlovci in September, wine fairs in Novi Sad and Belgrade or other local events

There are wine fairs in Sremski Karlovci every September, in Novi Sad and Belgrade. The picture shows the
large tent in Rivica, close to Irig, where there is a wine fair every February. Rivica is at N45.05.561 E019.49.904.

Many people come and everyone has a good time. Many local producers sell their wines in plastic containers.

There was a stand where they prepared a traditional cabbage and meat stew.

There was a band. In the middle of the tent was a large barrel full of the white wine that won first prize last year. It was not possible
to buy any bottles to take home, and no one understood why one would want to. Just help yourself and drink as much as you want.

Wineries named above. There are still several others that we look forward to visiting.

Vinarija Kis, Karlovackog mira 40, Sremski Karlovci   N 45.11.785 E 019.56.504

Vinarija Kosovic, Karlovackog mira 42, Sremski Karlovci   N 45.11.785 E 019.56.493

Vinarija Dulka, Postanska 8, Sremski Karlovci
Vinski Kuca Dulka, Karlovackog mira 18 Sremski Karlovci   N 45.11.898 E 019.56.372

Vinarija Zivankovic and Honey Museum, Mitropolita Stratimirovica 86 b, Sremski Karlovci   N 45.11.954 E 019.56.429

Vinarija Kovacevic, Djoke Sundukovica 85, Irig   N 45.05.994 E 019.51.800
Vinski Kuca Kovacevic, Krstašica bb 22406 Irig, Srbija + 381 (0)22 463 137/ 138

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